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John and Alain Darbellay have been in the coloured gemstone business since 1985.
First, they travelled extensively throughout Pakistan in search of quality gem materials
coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Then, since 1988, they have been involved in the gemstone business in Madagascar.
John and Alain Darbellay are recognized as professionals in the gemstone field, and 
specialized in coloured gemstones.
We buy rough gemstones at the source and process our own material.
This presents us with tremendous advantages, which we passes on to our customers.
John        Alain
To offer  the best in quality, selection, price   GIA world headquarters Carlsbad California, John Darbellay, Alain Darbellay
and service, with complete disclosure and 
The love of beauty and practical experience 
accumulated in producer countries permit
selecting the finest stones.
At the Mouawad Campus in Carlsbad,


Looking for sapphires on the 
ground  in  the Andranondambo area.
(South-Eastern Madagascar)
It was two years before the rush. 
(The bed rock is a marble.)
Go to Andranondambo Sapphires.

     More about Andranondambo

      Chrome tourmaline is hard to find! »»    
                      Go to Chrome Tourmaline.          


   First, the spessartite garnet is appeared 
   close to the spring of the Besafotra river. 
   A trek of 25 kilometres among the 
   mountains is needed to reach this spot.
             Go to Spessartite garnet.
The rubellite mine of Anjanabonoina in
the highlands.
( One of the best in the world ) »»
The pegmatite of Anjanabonoina
produced a large variety of rare stones 
and many different colored tourmalines.
Go to Rubellite. 

Ilakaka, one of the "safe deposits" of Madagascar. This big hole reaches more than twenty meters depth.

This vast region located south-western Madagascar overflow with sapphires showing a stunning array of colors.

                         Go to Sapphires.  

The small village of Ilakaka was isolated in a region  made up of sandstone. Shortly afterwards the discovery of sapphires in the middle of 1998, it became one of the biggest town of Madagascar.


     Customer Testimonials
John and Alain are passionate in many arts : music, painting, sculpture, literature.

Their favourite hobbies are Ski, hang gliding,  mountaineering, motocross and mountain bike, a little bit adrenaline makes life more spicy, they say.  

      J. & A. DARBELLAY
     P.O. box 5838
     ( CH ) 1002 LAUSANNE
     SWITZERLAND GEM SAFARI ¦ CONTACT US Our cottages in Ilakaka.  At the beginning of the sapphire rush.
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