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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
     Sapphire Precious stone
Do you ship stones internationally?
Yes We do.
How do I know if a stone is still available?

Assume that if the stone is pictured in the site that it is still available. Upon receipt of your order you will be emailed a confirmation, usually within 24 hours.

How come no stones are marked sold, I don’t know what is still available?

We try our best to indicate all sold stones as soon as they are requested. This keeps the loading time for each page to a minimum.

If I request a stone that is already sold, will you send a substitute?

No. Each stone specimen is unique. We will never ship a substitute. However, if We have multiple specimens from the same location, you may request an alternate when you submit the order in case the item you wanted has sold. Use the "Comment" area on the contact form for requesting alternates.

Could you explain what means: Enhancement: none (N)

The indication: Enhancement: none (N) means that the stone is not treated in any way, unheated, 100% natural. Note, that we do not sell synthetic stones.

Do you enhance the color of stones on the pictures ?                 

No, we don't seek to enhance color on pictures,  stones have been shot as close as true color.

Please let me know the difference between the various types of "included" listed in the descriptions of the gems on your website.

You can visit the following page and find the different inclusion grades used in a gemmological analysis.

Furthermore, our camera can grasp very small inclusions almost invisible to the naked eye; this is why you can usually see these inclusions on the screen.

Email is easier, do I have to use your online order form?      

No, email is acceptable. But "order form" requests get priority handling, so it is wise to use the order form. Also, the order form ensures all the required information is provided, it generates the paperwork to process your order, and it expedites shipping.

How can I pay without using credit card ?                         

Click here to pay by bank transfer  and to get our account number.

( Please wait for our confirmation before paying for your Stone(s)

Is credit card or bank transfer payment any better than sending a cheque or money order?

Yes! We cannot emphasize how much better it is to use a credit card, or to pay by bank transfer. The most significant advantage is your order will be shipped the next business day  and will arrive usually 3-4 days after you place the order.

When a cheque is used for payment the chronology is usually something like this: You place the order via email, you send the cheque in 4-5 days, cheque is delivered 3 to 5 days later, cheque is deposited the next day, it clears our bank in 4-7 days, your stones are shipped the next day, the package is delivered 4-7 days later. That is 18 days elapsed or more when it is an international shipment!

From our perspective, the paperwork is easier, We know the payment has been made, and We don't have 20 specimens sitting around awaiting payment. Please use a credit card if you have one.

Cash payment. As you do not accept checks for amounts under $ 280, is it possible to send cash money to you ?

For small amounts, this solution is also acceptable.

Retention of client information.                                        takes your online privacy seriously, we use information about our Clients in order to administer business only. Of course, we do not transmit this information to other people.

Question about the value of personal stone.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you through the Internet what could be the value of your stones, even if you send us a picture. The price is very variable depending on the quality of the stones. Furthermore, the deontology of our profession does not allow us to tell you what a stone price is without gemological analysis. 

Please, give me the conversion rate for Inches.

Conversion rate are as follows:
  1 millimeter (mm) = 0.0393700787 inch (in)
  1 inch (in)          = 25.4 millimeters (mm)

Macintosh users: If you can't see the references of our products on your screen, feel free to contact us.
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