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          Take a tour of the amazing emerald forest, the green world.

In the past as in the
future, Madagascar
remains proud to
protect its territorial
integrity and
its treasures.

Discussing of emerald 
deposits with an old 
Madagascan involved in 
the stone business since
colonial times.
Mama Be died in 2001.

John in 1990 showing a noticeable green beryl.
Madagascar was previously called the " Beryl Country."
At the center of the picture, the village of Kianjavato is located near the emerald mines,
which are exploited behind the hills in the yellowish zone on the top of the image.
The forest is ravaged by fires traditionally used by farmers to make room to new
culture zones.

On his shoulder, the
placid John's friend.
Chameleons are endemic
animals there, but in the 
rain forest they are less 
rare than emerald, and 
easier to catch.
Tracks in the rain forest are usable by four wheel drives only.
This one was quite rustic but very utile to reach some spots 
resealing hidden treasures.
Emerald crystal, Madagascar emeralds mineral, exclusive emerald, emerald mines information data
 In the morning, after an excellent meal the previous evening, the team is
 buying some victuals before a long trek in the forest.
Alain inspecting an
association of rocks
often present with 
We have to notice the abundance of gneisses and mica schists, heterogeneous 
migmatisation of épibolite type, in this region.
Several tons of emerald have been extracted from this area within the eighties.
But as it is the case with most of the mines, a small quantity of them were
usable as gem. Actually, many of them contain a white core visible in the
center of their axis of crystallization. If we want an untreated emerald, that 
involve to saw the stones in small parts in order to keep the green material. 
Bargaining emeralds in a ravinala wood
made house.
Crossing the 
Mananjary river
which is infested
by crocodiles.
Since their new discovery, the origin of the emeralds from this area remained 
unknown by the profession within several years, but they reached the
international market steadily. 
Emerald crystal in pegmatite matrix.
An emerald mine mechanically worked. The hill has been scalped in order to reach
the precious material.
The occurrences of this area produce an exceptional emerald quality, comparable
with the best emeralds found elsewhere in the world.
Emerald mine located close to the Mananjary river, and visible on Google Earth.

Emeralds from Morafeno and Ambodibakoly (East)  The emerald occurrence from the East coast, provided 
Emerald crystal, Madagascar emeralds discovery, exclusive emerald, emerald mines information data   Emerald mineral, Madagascar emerald crystals, exclusive rough emerald, emerald mines information data quality stones since 1975 until 1993. Their professional
exploitation began in the middle of the eighties.
The first listed discovery was reported in 1911 by the
geologist Levat. Then, during the colony, a settler called
Bourgeois discreetly exploited the green stones which
with the statement of the Madagascans made his
fortune. At the time of their departure, the  settlers who
worked emerald mines in the area, warned the natives
against the bad spirits which could be in the holes. Thus,
The emeralds of this area are located in the geological the gems slept within 15 years.
group called Ampasary. (silico - aluminous and calco -
magnesian series) note the abundance of gneisses and  The area of Kianjavato, village located near 
mica schists, heterogeneous migmatisation of épibolite the emerald mines, is in what it remains of the 
type. rain forest of the East coast.
The bed rock of the emeralds is a biotite mica schist
crossed by talc and chloritoschist, metamorphized
by the contact of a close mass of granite containing
These hyperacides intrusions gave beryllium oxide,
alumina and silica thus source of beryllium, they are
located near ultrabasic rocks in particular the
serpentine ones, green biotic schists, source of the 
necessary chromium contribution. The calco -
magnesian serie results in gneisses more or less 
migmatic, with diopside, garnet, calcite, sphene, and
sometimes scapolite, more rarely by pyroxenites
wernerites and limestone.
The silico - aluminous serie is presented in the form
of quarzites at sillimanite, with or without graphite.
This serie is located preferably at the base of the        

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