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Just answer the following questions. 

First, write the stone (s) you wear or you possess.

                 Your Stone:
 Some of these questions may seem strange to you, but they 
 actually tell to our computer important things in order to help you.
 The result of these questions will stay confidential, of course.
                  Your first name:
          Your country:
     Your e-mail:
 Are you: Female
 What is your age ?
 Under 15 years 15-20 years 21-30 years
 31-40 years     41-50 years 51-60 years
 61-70 years     71-80 years 81 or older  
 What is the highest educational level you have completed ?
 Grade school  Trade/vocational school Graduated college
      High school                Some collegeo   Graduate schoolL
  If there were only two jobs in the world -- accountants  Accountant
    and teacher -- which job would you like to do ? Teacher
  Would you prefer rounded shapes or angular one ? Rounded shapes 
Angular shapes
  You like very hard stones or you do not mind about what Hard stones
    hardness is your stone, the color is more important to you. Color is more important
  What color grade do you prefer : dark or light color ? Dark color
Light color
  Do you like sailing on the sea or walking in the desert ? Sailing on the sea
Walking in the desert
  If you make a sketch, do you prefer to draw a landscape  A landscape
    or a building ? A building
  Would you prefer to look at your image in a mirror  Mirror 
     or in water Water
  Red clothes
  Blue clothes
  Green clothes
  Which color do you prefer to wear ? Yellow clothes
  Violet clothes
  White clothes
  Black clothes
  Write eventually your comment.
             Please, wait a while.
Kindly note that we cannot reply to you if the email address is incorrect
Your email address will be kept private. It won't be revealed to other users of the web site, or distributed to any third party.
   Ok! you did it.  Your GGGems-O-Scope will be e-mailed in about 24 hours to you.
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