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  Delivery:     It will be made to your express request and Return policy
                   sent by e-mail in PDF, or sometimes enclosed >>Order Certificate
                        with the shipment of your stone (s)

                                                                                                         Certificate Number:  XXXXXXX
 Name of the owner
 Identification             S                                      S                                      S
 Shape                 A                                     A                                      A
 Weight                    M                                     M                                      M
 Size                        P                                       P                                      P
 Clarity grade                           L                                        L                                      L
 Colour grade                              E                                       E                                      E
 Price : XXXXXX  
The gemstone pictured and described above was carefully examined by Alain or Jean Darbellay, and the previous information was compiled for this certificate on the date indicated.
The testing techniques include 10 x magnification and may also include the following lab tests: refractive index, specific gravity, UV response, spectral analysis, polarization and/or dichroscope.
This certificate is designed to provide Clients with a basic description and identification for the item to which the certificate refers.
For more comprehensive information, please, request a full identification report from an independent laboratory for an additional fee.
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