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Under a scorching heat, the first sapphires are brought to light in 1991

The small village of Marohotro is located on the bank of the Manambolo river and in the valley of the same name; at 8 kilometers south of Andranondambo. This Hamlet became universally known in the stone business to have delivered among the most beautiful blue sapphires produced in the world.
          Looking for sapphire on the ground, 
          two years before the rush.
Andranondambo Sapphire Discovery
  The story
The miners follow subvertical plagioclasite veins where 
sapphire is born.
Andronondambo Sapphire: associated with coarse recrystallized marble and small pyroxene  crystals. Plagioclasite sample with a sapphire crystal. Andronondambo Sapphire: associated with small pyroxene crystals and plagioclasite. Sapphire:associated with plagioclasite, pyroxene and recrystallized marble. Nepheline crystals associated with plagioclasite.
Big hole mechanically worked, Andranondambo area, visible on Google Earth.

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